Exhibition and Show

I am please to inform you of my latest exhibition and show that will be posted here on a regular basis. Please feel free to drop by to check out this page from time to time. If you are nearby, I would like to invite you to come and I am looking forward to seeing you there and may you have a lovely day!

Colorida Art Gallery, Portugal


April 30 – May 13, 2016

Address: Esc. Marques Ponte de Lima 1A 1100-335 Lisbon


05/2017 M50 Gallery, solo & group show, Moganshan Road, Shanghai (painting + photo)

04/2017 International multi-medium artist, Jiashan Art Museum, China (photo)

01/2017 Invited Guest Artist and Solo Show, Golden Eagle Tower, Shanghai (painting)

05/2016 International artist group exhibition, Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal (painting)

01/2016 International artist group exhibition, Pudong Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Shanghai (painting)

12/2015 International artist group exhibition, i5 Studio, Shanghai (painting)

11/2015 Under Construction Art Exhibition, a multi medium group artist show, Shanghai (painting)

06/2015 Invited Guest Exhibitors, Jiashan Art Museum, 2nd Annual International Photographer (photo)

05/2015 Photo Independent Art Fair, Raleigh Studios, Los Angeles, California (photo)

01/2015 The Painted Sky, solo exhibition at Kokuyo Showroom, Shanghai (photo)

11/2014 “Colorful Dreams” – Kokuyo Showroom Solo Exhibition, Shanghai (painting)

10/2014 Chengdu Creative Week, Nation Wide Group Exhibitions, China (painting + photo)

09/2014 Seasons of Life, group exhibition at Park Yard Gallery, Shanghai (painting + photo)

06/2014 DAFF Spring Art Fair, Shanghai (painting)

11/2013 The Apartment Art Show, Shanghai (photo)

09/2013 Journey In The Woods, Solo exhibition at Kokuyo Showroom, Shanghai (photo)

04/2013 Art show, Oasis Xintiandi, Shanghai (photo)

12/2004 Moved to China in pursuit of his artistic and creative career

08/2004 Gratuated from University Technology Malaysia in Barchelor Degree in Landscape Architecture

04/2000 Started his photographic journey with a film camera while attending a photography class in university

01/1998 Received various appreciation and appraisal in art during his different stages life in his high school

01/1994 Paul started his water colour painting in his early stage as a student after seeing and inspired by his father’s chinese paintings

04/1982 Paul was born to this creative world, 7 Miles, Kuching City, Sarawak, Malaysia


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