Peace In The Midst of Storm

Painting of Peace

Storm, hardship and life challenges are something that we as human by nature would always try to avoid. Hoping, they’ll never come close to our doorstep. But inevitably, as long as our life exists, they are always there. And worst, when you are least expected. Nonetheless, we all know in heart and in mind that hardships are there to help us to grow. By sharpening our characters and even overcoming our very own fear.

In this blog on personal reflection, I always like to ask question to take you deeper into your conscience by questioning yourself. So the question is, what would you do/ how would you handle when you are in the middle of a storm? When the things that surround you are all in chaos, lost and confuse. When your emotion and feeling seems murky, and your sense of direction becomes unclear of the next course. Almost, as if a thick cloud has covered over your head.

Interestingly, the mystery of ‘Peace’ in Hebrew context ‘Shalom’ has a different take. It is the absence of agitation and discord. When you ask for God’s peace, you need to learn to first ‘give’ in order to ‘accept’ the peace. For it is hard to acquire peace in your heart when you have not learn to ‘surrender to Him’ nor to ‘let go of the burden’ that so cumbersome to your being in that moment. To which also affecting your thought and decision-making.

Learn to surrender and see from His perspective. During rain and storm, birds in the air have to hide and rest on trees. But eagle soar above thick cloud and beyond storm.

May His peace be with you, Shalom!

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