Why Do You Paint?

Artist Painting In Studio

One very common question that many artist were asked by people; Why do you paint? In answering the question, some of the answers that I often would hear are;

Well… I believe this is the way I express myself.

Or…. I just enjoy paint, it makes me happy.

When I think of it, I believe there’s something deeper than merely a simple word could explain. The why, the value, the meaning, the purpose and everything in it. There’s something inside that speaks about who we are as an artist, or better yet, a person.

As I reflect on it the more, for me personally, sometimes painting can be a powerful activity as a mean of bringing therapeutic value within my soul. For it is a very comforting, relaxing and calming activity that I can do at my home studio. Yet, without a sense of strive, I can create simple work with a feeling of great achievement.

Painting is also a way where I can explore on an initial idea which comes to my mind. And the more I work on that idea, new things could emerge or evolve on the canvas. If it’s interesting enough, it may even grow into a story, a project and series of artwork that relates to one another.

Another simple answer would be the reason that I love colours. I enjoy mixing different colours and see the value changes. Well… one thing is because it’s fun and it’s also exciting to see how simple colours, when mixed well could turn into something wonderful.

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