An Unexpected Adventure

Perspective, it is all about perspective! Having been working with arts, drawings and paintings for more than 30 years, one of the many challenges that an artist often face is getting a well interpreted perspective. The questions that often rises such as; What’s the composition? What’s the story? How should we perceive it?

After having been giving it much thought and contemplation, I finally come up with this particular top view of an ocean adventure. The imaginary of this painting is very straight forward. A group of traveller kayaked across the blue sea only to be surprised by the sudden appearance of a mother whale with her young. Well, it is a wonderful and unexpected gift of amazement. The sheer feeling of vastness and immensity of the size, the display of its’ magnificent and beauty of nature.

Sometime, in our life too we crave for such adventure and unexpected surprise. Hoping and anticipating that life would turn around and give us a great big smile. Events and happening that we’ve never thought of.