Seek and Find

Rabbi Baruch once found his young son crying. “And why are you crying?” he asked. The boy replied: “my friends and I were playing ‘hide and seek’. When I came my turn to hide, I hid but after a long time in hiding I realized that they stopped looking for me… they forgot all about … More Seek and Find

The Storm Of Life

The book of Esther in the bible is often being referred to as the ‘hidden face of God’, or the absence of God’s presence in times of calamity. Throughout the whole book of Esther, for not even once the word of God or His name were being made mentioned. Yet, the Jews were being placed … More The Storm Of Life

The Sails

  “And so it shall be when all of this thing have come upon you. In your walking, in your waking, in your moving and when you set sail, Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out. May you live happily in the promise land, And … More The Sails

Why Do You Paint?

One very common question that many artist were asked by people; Why do you paint? In answering the question, some of the answers that I often would hear are; Well… I believe this is the way I express myself. Or…. I just enjoy paint, it makes me happy. When I think of it, I believe … More Why Do You Paint?