Folk Story Art“A good teacher does not feed their student with direct answer, but instead, encourage them to find and seek the answer within the questions ‘the meaning of the question’. Merely having the answer in the head is different from understanding the weight of the question from the heart. In the bible, God’s first question to the man is “Where are you?”. This reflect our human nature to always wanting to hide from the truth.

In our spiritual growth and life journey, there are questions we need to seek and to allow God to question our heart. Which are meant to lead us out of hiding and to respond to His loving call. So, let your heart be truthful today and discover the beautiful treasure that is hidden within.”

Listening From Our Heart:  The centrality of our heart in response to His love. How do we hear?

The Storm Of Life:  Sometimes you may feel that you are being left alone to face the storm in your life. Where do you go to for helps?

When You Draw Near:  The very first question God ever asked man was, “Where are you?” Back in the garden, you were created for a special relationship.

Moments Of Life’s Open Windows: What do you do when that moment come? The nostalgic memories, the sentimental thought, the openness of heart…

Do You Know Your Seasons?: As you journey through life, the good news is that you are not on your own. Learn to discover the season that you’re in at the moment.

Peace In The Midst Of Storm: When challenges comes by your way, and your course is unclear. How do you acquire peace in the middle of the storm?

Do You Have A Blossoming Heart?: Our heart can be deceiving and full of fear. But on the other hand, they can also be full of love, joy and hope. Where do you plant your root in?

Love and Security: The kind of love that shapes your core identity, forms who you are…

A Deep Search For Meaning: When all is silent and still, and life becomes true to you. You wonder… what’s the meaning of my life? What am I searching for? 

A Time To Rise and Be Renewed: Sometimes, our life can be in a still motion, waiting for the right moment to come. The waiting can be long, or hard and seemed fruitless. But it is…