Pet’s Pastime

This collection expresses the simplistic profile of cats and dogs in a lighthearted style. Capturing the intrinsic essence and nature of our beloved pets in their time of fun.

Essence Of Life

Using bold and impactful brushstroke as the painting background, this series of painting creates an eye catching yet abstractful moment. The message is clear and tells about life and adventure in a very simple form. The fresh and boldness of each stroke, simplicity of colors and subject in representative forms celebrates the complexity of our … More Essence Of Life

Delightful Flowers

This series captured the simplistic of nature flowers in a minimalism approach. Focusing on the fundamental shape, color and structure of the subject. While highlighting the colors in its best, and celebrating the uniqueness and characteristic of each pieces. They are  just simply pure and naked…

Glorious Light

This collection of artworks celebrate the inspiring moment of the outdoor landscape through light. Being a photographer also, the artist understood the important of using light as the main source of inspiration to create an illuminating atmosphere. This idea is brought into his painting later in most of his creative work to ignite feelings into … More Glorious Light

Hearts Of Home

In this series, the artist uses a very simple subject of a ‘House’ as a metaphor to express our day-to-day experience of the human heart’s condition. These artworks are created with a contemporary style through the integration of basic forms, lines and colors on the canvas. As each painting conveys a special meaning that reflects … More Hearts Of Home