Delightful Flowers

This series captured the simplistic of nature flowers in a minimalism approach. Focusing on the fundamental shape, color and structure of the subject. While highlighting the colors in its best, and celebrating the uniqueness and characteristic of each pieces. They are  just simply pure and naked…

White Calla Lilies
White Calla Lilies  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
Lover Of Roses
Lover Of Roses  (20×30 cm / 7.9×11.8 in.)
Delightful Sunflowers
Delightful Sunflowers  (20×30 cm / 7.9×11.8in.)
Lily Of The Valley
Lily Of The Valley  (20×30 cm / 7.9×11.8 in.)
Glory Of Lavender
Glory Of Lavender  (20×30 cm / 7.9×11.8 in.)
Lovely Tulips
Lovely Tulips  (20×30 cm / 7.9×11.8 in.)

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