Hearts Of Home

In this series, the artist uses a very simple subject of a ‘House’ as a metaphor to express our day-to-day experience of the human heart’s condition. These artworks are created with a contemporary style through the integration of basic forms, lines and colors on the canvas. As each painting conveys a special meaning that reflects the stage of an individual’s heart.

There is a saying; ‘Home is where the heart is’, and our heart is closely connected to the place where we want to belong. Sometime, we find that we have not reached there yet, or on our way reaching there, or just passing by in a transitioning phase. Nevertheless, our heart always tells the truth.

Flickering Night - Paul Chong 2

The Flickering Night  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)

Blossom Heart
Blossom Heart  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
Wild Heart
Wild Heart  (60×90 cm / 23×35 in.)
Tranquility  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
High and Lofty
High and Lofty  (60×90 cm / 23×35 in.)
Exploration  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
Hope  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
Contemplate  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
Wilderness  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
Contentment  (60×90 cm / 23×35 in.)
Harmony  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
Unexpected  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
Fun  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
Grandeur  (60×90 cm / 23×35 in.)
Open Heart
Open Heart  (60×90 cm / 23×35 in.)
Wondrous  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
Belonging  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)
Distinctive  (35×50 cm / 13.7×19.7 in.)

Which painting(s) speaks to you the most?

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